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Fraudat prevents

Phishing attacks present a serious threat to companies, confusing customers, eroding trust and brand value. 

These attacks cost customers money and compromise data. 

Fraudat solves this problem. If a customer receives a suspicious email, they forward it to [email protected]our propriety software determines the emails authenticity using key matching, content analysis and heuristic algorithms, the results are sent to both customer and company in under 60 seconds.

Fraudat logs all attack data, allowing all signed up companies to educate customers and employees and avoid future attacks.

We make customers, and companies more secure.

Fraudat Revenues

For a purchase price of $100 you get a 3-year license in Fraudat. During that time, we promise to pay a royalty of 10% of all sales (revenue) made by Fraudat Limited. Our projected revenues are as follows:

Year 1


Year 2


Year 3


Projected Revenue over 3 years

Projected ILO Value over 3 years

Fraudat ILO Value

Further to paying you a royalty, at the end of the 3rd year we can either elect to extend the license for another 3 years, convert it to equity should we advance enough to take a public listing on a stock exchange, or buy the ILO back for cash should we conduct a major financing.

ILO Value is the estimated value of your ILO in USD ($), this is calculated using our projected revenue numbers. Therefore if you our revenue projections are realistic and achievable, this is a good estimation of the buy out price you should expect at different stages.

Contact Fraudat


71-75 Shelton Street Covent Garden London WC2H 9JQ

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