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Olympic Therapeutics


Olympic Therpeutics develops

Olympic Therapeutics was formed by specialists to develop a new class of Antifungal Medications for the treatment of resistant Fungal Infections.

‘Emerging Infectious Diseases’ is a key growth sector for Big Pharma.

‘Resistant,’ ‘Invasive’ and ‘Opportunistic’ Fungal Infections represents a substantial new opportunity, not addressed currently by industry or academia.

Alternatives to conventional antimycotics are sought by Big Pharma technology and product in-licensing is an active strategy of Big Pharma.

Next-Generation Antimycotic Products are needed as resistance increases

A new class of Antimycotic Products, combined with an Immune-Modulating

Adjuvant, represents discrimination and innovation in global markets

Antimycotic markets show strong growth, despite continuing drug resistance

Developing a novel class of antimycotic drug products, based on a strong Intellectual Property base, with expedited entry into first human clinical trials, enables addressing substantial financial markets of 2018 and beyond

Olympic Therapeutics Revenues

For a purchase price of $2000 you get a 3-year license in Olympic Therapeutics. During that time, we promise to pay a royalty of 10% of all sales (revenue) made by Olympic Therapeutics. Our projected revenues are as follows:

Year 1


Year 2


Year 3


Projected Revenue over 3 years

Projected ILO Value over 3 years

Olympic Therapeutics ILO Value

Further to paying you a royalty, at the end of the 3rd year we can either elect to extend the license for another 3 years, convert it to equity should we advance enough to take a public listing on a stock exchange, or buy the ILO back for cash should we conduct a major financing.

ILO Value is the estimated value of your ILO in USD ($), this is calculated using our projected revenue numbers. Therefore if you our revenue projections are realistic and achievable, this is a good estimation of the buy out price you should expect at different stages.

How we'll do it

To achieve our projected revenue, we have laid out our roadmap including our main goals and milestones over the next 3 years.

Q4 2019

Initiate in vitro Preclinical Efficacy Studies of OCT-101

Using Near cGMP Test Article Drug Substance OCT -101.

Q4 2019

Q1 2020

Complete analysis of in vitro Pre-Clinical Safety and Efficacy Studies, and Validation of Analytical Methods for Release.

Q1 2020

Q2 2020

Develop Contract Research Organization agreement for formal Preclinical Studies of Test Article Drug Substance OCT -101.

Establish full cGMP Manufacturing Protocol and Methods

Q2 2020

Our team

Olympic Therapeutics has a strong team with extensive experience building and marketing problem solving technology products. Below are a few of our key members.

Hans Werner Balz


Hans Werner Balz is MBA and has many years in experience in the pharma business as certified clinical consultant and as Director of a global acting pharma company.

Dr. Richard Honour

Chief Scientific Director(CSD, USA Division)

Dr Honour is a PhD and responsible for Research and Product Development. He has decades of experience in the industry at senior executive levels and various board of director positions. He is known world wide for his expertise in bacteriophages and infectious diseases.

Dr. Warren Wheeler

Chief Product Development and Business Director(CPDBD, USA Division)

Dr Wheeler is an MD, MBA, and has decades of global experience in the development of successful biopharmaceuticals. In addition, he has held significant senior level executive positions in the industry. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of three companies.

Raik Heinzelmann

President of the Supervisory Board

Mr. Heinzelmann has long year is a trained banker and has many years of experience as CFO of a bank and is CEO of a exchange listed finance company. Mr. Heinzelmann is also in the supervisory board of a German software company.

Nicolai Colshorn

Member of Supervisory Board

Mr. Colshorn has a diploma from the University of Stuttgart and many years of experience as a supervisory board member and director of various companies.

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